Pack sizing - compress a big one or load shelf a small one?b

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Pack sizing - compress a big one or load shelf a small one?b

Postby mlammert » Wed Jan 23, 2019 4:28 pm

I’ve been through an embarrassingly long list of backpacks over the past 2 decades trying to find what works for me and my back issues and long torso. A SO pack with adjustable frame height looks to promise to be the pack to rule all packs. But I have very different missions for the pack and in the long run I will probably need 2 bags but I’ll have to start with just 1. And that’s where I would like to hear opinions from folks with experience with these – compress a huge bag when volume isn’t needed or use the load shelf to extend a small one? What works best?

Mission 1 is deer/elk hunting in CO; primarily rifle, but trying archery, primarily hour before legal light till an hour after - long day in the mountains style, but I maybe could pull off the dream of a 3-4 day backpack hunt. Haven’t in my first 3 season mostly because I’m not confident in my location choices or my ability to haul the animal more than a couple miles solo.
Mission 2 is family backpacking with 3 & 5 year olds & dog = huge bulk carrying 3 sleeping bags & pads and tents and food etc. But this is short distance for the time being as their little legs aren’t going 3+ miles in or up big climbs etc. I’ve used my 77L BD Mission pack and my ALPS Commander external frame pack for this. And they are full and with stuff on the outside (kid synthetic sleeping bags are HUGE!).

Peregrine 3500 seems the perfect choice for hunting and any other day use like a day at the crag. Several pocket options for often used gear and a stuff pocket for layers always coming on and off etc. The published measurements seem the same as my BD Speed 50L which I can solo backpack with. So assuming that size comparison is about right would it be reasonable to load family food bag, cook set, two 2.5 man UL tents to the load shelf and the peregrine bag over that carries the 3 sleeping bags/pads clothing etc and stove water/filter in the side pockets? This has the advantage of naturally keeping the dense items in close to the frame. This seems to be the option I am most leaning towards..

Broadwing 7000 probably could swallow all the family camping crap without using the load shelf or even the space under the pack from using 4” extensions. The 4 pocket design might work fine compressed to a day pack usage but you are carrying extra material all the time and I seem to always fill any backpack I am camping out of and not quite sure why I can go from 50L to 75L while solo and still have a full pack – seems to be a disease.

Goshawk 4800 – a balance between the two size wise but light on pockets for daypack hunting and adding a talon for pockets and layer stuffing space jumps the weight above the others…

So opinions?

PS If someone in the Denver/Golden area wants to show me their pack I’d love to see it in person before ordering but cant make it to GJ any time soon!
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Re: Pack sizing - compress a big one or load shelf a small o

Postby ktimm » Fri Jan 25, 2019 7:22 pm

I prefer a bigger pack instead of using the breakaway for overflow . The packs optimized for a talon ( Unaweeps / goshawk ) do a good job with bigger kids when needed . That being said the new Lanner is a pretty good mix of being able to be a daypack / a 4K pack and a 6k .


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Re: Pack sizing - compress a big one or load shelf a small o

Postby Rockfamily » Sat Jan 26, 2019 9:32 am

I love my Goshawk

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Re: Pack sizing - compress a big one or load shelf a small o

Postby mlammert » Tue Jan 29, 2019 11:00 am

The Lanner looks interesting for sure. I'll look forward to the full specs coming out - such as how many more ounces is it over the peregrine and capacity of the cool shroud pocket etc.. it may do everything. 90L just seems massive to me to compress into day mode, but video looks like it does.

Goshawk I think would be ideal for gear hauling / kid backpacking with or with out talon but seems it would be lacking as a daypack for hunting when I seem to be adding/shedding layers frequently and grabbing snacks frequently, and not as simple to slide a bugle tube in etc. I'd prefer to not be accessing the main bag frequently as I do currently with packs I have used hunting. Outside stuff pocket for layers for sitting seems ideal in addition to some zips for quick food.
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