Best pack I've ever had

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Best pack I've ever had

Postby BigEd » Wed Sep 05, 2018 5:55 am

I bought the Goshawk per a conversation with Kevin on what would fit my needs best. I have had Dana designs, the North Face, Jansport, REI, Eberlestock, and some others ut none have carried the weight as well as the Goshawk. On top of it's ability to carry loads comfortably it's eight is incredible! I spent 10 days carrying 10-35 pounds scouting and hunting and it was great. I wasn't sure if the lack of pockets would be to my liking but it worked out least I didn't forget what pockets I put things in, lol. I did get a Talon for the "I need it now" stuff and that worked well. I will, however, add a couple of hip belt pockets for the future so I have access to my range finder and open reed calls.

Looking to get a shelter and stove in the near future, really dig SO products. American made and the highest quality, win/win!
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