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Spam Threads - No Tolerance

Postby ktimm » Fri Oct 30, 2015 9:53 am

It's difficult to strike a balance between ease of use for the community (registration questions, being able to post or pm via classifieds etc) and a clean forum (lack of spam). To date, spammy posts from non contributing members have been more of a minor annoyance than a problem, and I have usually been kind enough to send a warning and delete the post. With that being said, I am changing my stance to no tolerance for non contributing members, if it is at least not outdoor related. I know we have some members that have outside businesses or related activities, and I do not mind if you share your information at all (bgoode comes to mind as he makes very nice knives). I hope this makes sense.

In summary: If you are a contributing member and make / sell or produce / knives, stuff sacks, quilts, custom mapping app , or want to sell your retail purchased outdoor products or even your personal mountain bike .. I don't care it is fine. If your first post is selling imitation watches / clothes / fake documents etc .. you will be banned quickly and if you join again and perform the same activity I will change the sign up questions and start a wall of shame

Thank you and keep it clean

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