What is your round of choice ?

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What is your round of choice ?

Postby kevin_t » Tue Jul 29, 2014 8:50 pm

Lots of opinions here , I know people that go from 270 to .338 , but I'm a 30-06 guy although I'd prefer a .308 for most of what I do
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Re: What is your round of choice ?

Postby Nathan C » Thu Jul 31, 2014 5:27 am

Most of what I do with a rifle is deer and coyote hunting. I usually take a 22-250 for coyotes, and have become extremely fond of a Montana in 260 rem for deer. I wouldn't hesitate to use it out to 250-300 yds on elk, but if I were going elk hunting specifically I'd probably take my 270 WSM.

My elk hunting this year will will be with archery gear, and I really don't see that changing soon.

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Re: What is your round of choice ?

Postby AK Troutbum » Thu Jul 31, 2014 9:38 am

The bulk of my hunting these days (mountain hunting) is with a Kimber Montana chambered in .300wsm, but throughout my hunting life it's been a Winchester model 70 chambered in .375 H&H mag. That I've taken most of my game with.
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Re: What is your round of choice ?

Postby Marlon » Mon Aug 04, 2014 11:08 pm

Over the years I've used 7mm & .30 calibre in different cartridges, But lately I've settled on the the 25-06. Great cartridge!
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Re: What is your round of choice ?

Postby Wilderness » Sun Aug 10, 2014 6:27 am

7mm ultra mag, a bit heavy on the carry but great shooting gun
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Re: What is your round of choice ?

Postby Tadedrick » Sun Aug 10, 2014 6:19 pm

308 when I am not using my bow.
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Re: What is your round of choice ?

Postby Forager » Sat Sep 20, 2014 8:02 am

My wife "got" me a .30-06 for our wedding present several years back. It was a semi-custom build that she said "do that for yourself as my present to you". That one gets the nod quite often. When it's not that one, it's a little bolt action in 7.62x39. That rifle has a rather impressive streak of one-shot kills and works well outside it's paper "ballistics".
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Re: What is your round of choice ?

Postby jcberg26 » Thu Oct 16, 2014 1:18 pm

7mm magnum for elk, 25-06 for deer, and 22-250 for coyotes!
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Re: What is your round of choice ?

Postby LaGriz55 » Tue Oct 21, 2014 12:26 pm

160 grain Accubond in .280 Rem. from Federal Premium - limited run or discontinued - Just have to ask....Anybody have a box or 2 they wish to part with?
These rounds group tight out of my factory Rem. Mt. Rifle with a 22" light conture barrel. I don't yet hand load and I'm getting thin on this or any load
that will shoot out of this ammo-specific weapon. The discontinued 160 grain Fail Safe in the Win. Supreme line is another good performer. Have made
one-shot kills on both elk and deer and seem to most always pass thru the target animal. If you had to own one caliber, a .280 or .280 Akley Imp. might be
a best choice.

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Re: What is your round of choice ?

Postby lonedave » Tue Oct 21, 2014 9:26 pm

For some reason, I'm partial to 6.5mm's. I've used a custom .264 Winchester for over 40 years, but have taken game with 7mm, .30/30 , and .338. That said, I really think the perfect cartridge is a .260 Remington.
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