AquaMira Green Bottle Filter and Tabs

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AquaMira Green Bottle Filter and Tabs

Postby kevin_t » Fri Jul 03, 2015 7:35 am

This is for any questions pertaining to these. I will attempt to give a quick overview.

The Aquamira Frontier Flow bottle has a life expectancy of 120 gallons, a high flow rate, and provides solid bacteria and cyst removal. Other filters and even other versions of the Frontier can filter viruses as well, but at a reduced flow rate, and less flow often means you drink less. From a personal use perspective, I have used the Sawyer filters for a few years and while I really liked them, I always felt I was leaving myself dehydrated due to the effort required. Since I have been using this filter, I find I often drink 60 -80 ounces a day from the bottle which is good and when combined with tabs or drops provides pretty complete protection, since the tabs protect against viruses as well (although those are not a huge concern in the U.S). 120 Gallons should provide about60 - 200 Field days of usage before you need to replace the filter.

The Tabs are effective and a good replacement for Iodine IMO (although Iodine is faster, it has a poor shelf life and bad taste) . The tabs will kill most stuff quickly, but can require up to 4 HRs if Crypto is a concern. They are also nice for making a big bag of camp water.

Combined they are a simple , effective solution.
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