4 Man VS 6 Man Flexi-Pitched

Re: 4 Man VS 6 Man Flexi-Pitched

Postby MontanaMarine » Mon Feb 01, 2016 8:27 pm

I've been crunching some nubers on weight myself. My numbers are coming out a little higher than yours.

Here is the breakdown I came up with from the info gleaned at the SO store site. Weights in ounces.

4 man canopy - 50
20 stakes - 10
CF pole - 13.5
Lg stove - 30
8 ft pipe - 16

total: - 119.5 oz/7.5 lbs

6 man canopy - 60
20 stakes - 10
CF pole - 21.5
XL stove - 44
9 ft pipe - 18

total: - 153.5 oz/9.6 lbs

Since you are mostly using the sled, I doubt the weight difference between the two will be very significant.

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Re: 4 Man VS 6 Man Flexi-Pitched

Postby John S » Tue Feb 02, 2016 8:38 am


After reviewing, I think your numbers are more accurate than mine - either way I will take Sub 10 from where I was at with the canvas tent and Four Dog stove!

Also came accross this on another thread which nails how I would travel with one partner... two bedrolls laid out with room for a couple of ultralight chairs and still room for gear - that is perfect... if solo it might feel a little empty but thats fine, as mentioned could always flexi-pitch so not trying to heat as much space.

"I chose the SO 6-man tipi with a large stove to accommodate me and a hunting buddy. We've had it up 3 times now and are pleased with the useable space it provides. We've set it up with the stove, two sleeping pads/bags, a small table and 2 small chairs and we still have plenty room for our packs and other gear. The stove is now broken-in; we've figured out the best pitch and are ready for a 2nd rifle season CO elk hunt in two weeks. We're using an outfitter and are going in on horseback. IMHO, the 6-man is just about the perfect tipi for two, for winter hunting/camping."

I am 99% sure I am going with the 6 Man (no screens) and XL Stove.

*Actually a little torn on the screens - maybe I would want to use this other seasons as well, have to give that some thought. Anyone ever hear of screens being retro-fitted after the fact?

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Re: 4 Man VS 6 Man Flexi-Pitched

Postby MontanaMarine » Tue Feb 02, 2016 10:14 am

I've been in a 6-man on store display, and of course I recently sold a 4-man and BT2. To me the sense of space in the 6, was really nice, and definitely worth the extra weight for the kind of adventures and hunting the wife and I do.

We are not going on super high climbs, or into the arctic. We are more in the range of hiking in 3-5 miles, climbing up maybe 1-2K ft elevation, and making a camp. mostly spring through late fall in typical Montana terrain and weather. So for us, the 6P is going to be perfect. It took us a little trial with the smaller tipis to come to that conclusion. Sometimes you just don't know what will work best for your personal needs until you get some hands-on time.

I hear you on the weight compared to canvas. We do have a 12x14 wall tent. With the canvas, frame, stove, stakes, fly, floor tarp, it has to over 200 lbs. In contrast, we bought a 12P tipi last spring (our first tipi), and it is 70d with screen doors. We absolutely love it for a camping by the truck. It is only about 16 lbs all up, has HUGE space for cots, table, chairs, stove woodpile, dog bed...a real home away from home. And it's so easy to set up and take down. I'm ready to sell the wall tent, but the wife isn't quite there yet.

We went back and forth on the screen for the 6P too, even contemplated compromising and going custom one screen door. At the end we decided to skip the screens in lieu of the weight, since a lot of our use is when bugs are down for the year. Down the road we may add a 2P nest for buggy/tick seasons. We are thinking the 2P nest in the 6P tipi will give it lots of standoff from a stove, but still provide a total bug-free sleeping space. Also the nest can be carried or not, depending on need.

So we will be set up with the 6P and 12P for all our needs. Pretty versatile combo actually. If you factor in the flexi-pitch, they can cover 4,6,8,and 12P size.

Getting kind of long winded, but I think you will be very happy with a a 4 or 6P. My suggestion would be.....if in doubt, go with the bigger size.

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