attaching stove pipe to stove

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attaching stove pipe to stove

Postby OarBoatman » Tue Dec 30, 2014 9:44 am

I have the 12man tipi and XL stove and the last trip we used it had some gale force winds. The Tipi did fine but the pipe lifted off the stove in a gust and it was a bit unnerving to say the least. I was lucky enough to be able to keep it from hitting the tent wall or any of the occupants. Have other people had this happen and what do you do to prevent this ruining a perfectly good day? I would also like to hear thoughts on the stove jacks used on the tipi's. Mine has already started to rip at the end of the cuts. Does it matter and how have people dealt with this?

I am planning on using the tent on an Alaskan trip on the tundra this summer and want some feedback on the ability of the tent to provide a mosquito free zone. Have people done any mods like adding material to the sod skirt and with what result?

When pitching the tent, what is the best way to orient the position of the stove jack? up wind, down wind?

Thanks for your responses
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Re: attaching stove pipe to stove

Postby kevin_t » Tue Dec 30, 2014 10:29 am

I can add a bit of advice.

If you have the chance, stove jack down wind is better.
When you mention fraying, I take it you mean around the cut outs for the pipe ? That is pretty normal. If needed, we can replace the jack for minimal charge. If you cut out a larger hole around the pipe it will be less of an issue, but that has it's drawbacks as well. The current system is better for anchoring the stove and being able to be used with several pipes.
I put the pipe over the damper and bring a ring down to snug it up. The newer damper / collar (released last month ) is a little taller so it has more real estate in case the pipe lifts a bit in the wind.
The pipe cut out can be loosened a little as well, which will make it less grabby on the stove jack material. Our standard cut is a pie cut out, and is pretty tight. On my personal tents, I often enlarge it a little, as well as snip the ends of the center of the pie to give it a little less tension. It's a tradeoff, to much cut and it looses some weather proofing when closed.

A gasket around the hole will help, but then you are locked into one pipe size and it adds a pretty decent amount of bulk. If you want to snap a photo and send it to me , I can offer more advice
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Re: attaching stove pipe to stove

Postby reaper » Sat Jan 03, 2015 10:37 am

I had the same problem yesterday about the lifted pipe causing by a strong wind...i just cut the pipe cut out a little more,will test it next time if it go well.But like Kevin said...the damper/collar have is job to do,i have a custom stove...i made 2 différent collar and yesterday i switch them,i saw better results...but the newest model from SO looks GOOD.But OarBoatman do not cut too much pipe cut out because you will see your pipe moving around with an annoying noise.I am not a PRO...more a beginner in tipi and stove but i test and test all my gear and want the best results from them as possible.Sorry about the english i am speaking french.
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Re: attaching stove pipe to stove

Postby kevin_t » Sat Jan 03, 2015 5:46 pm

Loosening the connection helps a bit, but too much does create other issues. It's a balance. Personally, I partially loosen my personal tents a bit , if I know what stove I will always use.
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Re: attaching stove pipe to stove

Postby Pentagen » Wed May 06, 2015 4:24 am

I have a warm feeling when you enter the roundabout here.
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