What is your round of choice ?

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Re: What is your round of choice ?

Postby MontanaMarine » Thu Jan 28, 2016 11:10 am

My bolt action rifle battery is pretty basic, 30-06s, 308s, and a 223. Only one is a sporterweight, and it's a 30-06. It gets almost all of the hunting time. The others are more for long range shooting.

A couple pics of the 30-06 on the hill last fall, along with the Unaweep 4800.


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Re: What is your round of choice ?

Postby Row Jimmy » Tue Feb 16, 2016 6:01 pm

Mine is any 20 gauge round :mrgreen: . I am only a bird hunter, but the 20 works great for anything from turkeys, honkers, roosters, mallards, grouse, chukars.
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Re: What is your round of choice ?

Postby Akicita » Tue Sep 27, 2016 2:06 pm

My round of choice is much better related to my rifle of choice.

In celebration of my birth and on that day in 1963 my father purchased a Remington Model 700 BDL chambered in .308. He hunted and provided for our entire family with that rifle for many years. A few months prior to my 8th birthday my father asked me what I wanted. I was surprised and somewhat confused as he had never asked me that question prior to that birthday, nor after. I respectfully replied, that I wanted a lever action 22 to hunt rabbits and grouse, upon which after a short dramatic pause he answered with a retrospective, “hmmmmm”. I hardly slept for the months leading up to my birthday with apprehensive but hopeful thoughts of my saddle horse Patches and me hunting the elusive mashtíncala (rabbit) in the scrub oak and junipers of our home range. When my birthday arrived I eagerly completed my chores, and in anticipation of a prospective hunt saddled patches before taking my place at the breakfast table. My father was last to the table and laid before me the Model 700 he bought for me on my 1st birthday. He had re-blued and refinished the entire gun and revealed to me the name he had chose for me on the day he bought it that he engraved on the butt stock underneath the plate. I was speechless not so much because of what he gave me but because I was somewhat intimidated by what I had imagined the ‘kick” and recoil would be like having watched my father shoot it for so many years. I don’t recall specifically if I said anything at all but I do recall as if it were yesterday my father stating – “If you’re going to hunt you need a gun that can provide for the whole family”. While my older sisters and cousins squealed jealous objections I received nods of approval from my mother, aunt and uncle and with that I grabbed a fistful of biscuits and a box of ammo and out the door I went rifle slung and the butt dragging on the floor.

What my father told me later in life that the thought of how many rabbits I would bring home through youthful exuberance and a 22 was more than he cared to think about eating. Since that day and using that rifle and .308 round, I have harvested every North American large game animal with the exception of the Sitka and Columbia Blacktail deer. As presumptuous as that may sound I am proud of that and proud of the gift of that rifle to me. I carried one like it in service of our country for 15years and still carry and hunt with a modern version 700 in .308 after giving my rifle to my son on his 10th birthday.

The round of my choice is the round that I am most confident, efficient and proficient with to this day. The .308 -
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Re: What is your round of choice ?

Postby kakaronaldo » Sat Oct 29, 2016 11:56 pm

308 is good....
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